A.E.: Did you read article in hang gliding and paragliding about deadly inflationary ? It was exactly what you where saying at Rocky Point and I didn't think the guys where listening.

Franco B.: By the way at Morning side Flight Park, you have a great reputation as one of the best and safest instructors.
Matt E..: Thank you for teaching me to get here! Can't wait to get back to Rocky Point.

JD: You really seem to be a truly understating and nice man!  Plus a super instructor. And my God,  your emails are so full of knowledge and so instructional.  I can't wait for next time!

Vito: There are people, and there are smart people with passion and action. Your are the latter. CHEERS !!!

EM.Philippe is an extremely experienced paragliding instructor who distinguishes himself through his deep knowledge, intuitive teaching style, and his passion for sharing his expertise with students of all levels. Safety is his number 1 priority and he instills a strong sense of responsibility in his students. 

Eric A..: i live on long island. I took all of my pg and ppg lessons from Phil at GMI paragliding school .could not have been happier with the lessons and have hundreds of hour flying since I started. 

Franc B.: I had a fabulous day Phil, and I started regaining my confidence after not flying all those years, I felt good up there today, I just want you to know that without you it would't have happened. Thank you.

Rich S.: I'm a hang glider pilot that decided to take the plunge and become "biwingual", couldn't be happier with Phil as my instructor.

FB.: All is good, got my P3 temp. card from the USHPA!!! Now I am official in. My dream became true thank to you Philippe!! And I also gave the USHPA the best instructor survey about you!

Malachy O.: I highly recommend the GMI Paragliding School and Philippe Renaudin, its instructor. He has years of experience that he uses to teach the fine points of Paragliding. He uses video to film your training flights and then critics every move to help you improve. Safety is of upmost importance to his program. He has the latest equipment from the canopies to the winch system he uses for Paragliding towing. Philippe is personable, professional and dedicated to what he does.  I feel that my skills have improved substantially, as has my confidence on launch and in the air after working with Philippe.

Brandon B.: Phil is an extremely knowledgable instructor with a passion for growing the sport and a great demeanor for coaching pilots of all levels. His instruction does not end on the training hill or field, but extends to digital video and anecdotal lessons to help students learn even while not actively training. When it comes time to purchase equipment, Phil is extremely transparent and makes every effort to explain his recommendations and options in detail without applying any sales pressure - he genuinely has his students' best interests at heart. You can trust GMI Paragliding to provide you with the knowledge and skills to safely enjoy and practice the sport.

Yan I.: Philippe's GMI Paragliding taught me everything I know about paragliding and I'm glad they did! Philippe is one of the most experienced instructors in the US, both by number of students and by years spent in the sport. His teaching style helped me gain comfort in the fundamentals, made sure I was focusing the right skills and guided me in my progression to more advanced ratings. Philippe's ongoing involvement with his past and current students helps foster a community around NY-area PG pilots and provided opportunities to organize flights and network.

Gordon: “Phil goes above and beyond what I expect in an instructor. He communicates promptly, provides 3x the information I’ve asked for, and is great to be around. I feel extremely comfortable both in ground handling and in the air because of him.”

Antonio L.: “I would like to say that Phil is not a just a good teacher, he is the best. Just to give you an idea, he has put up in the air a guy like me who is scared of heights. One of the best things in Phil teaching, besides the Cross-Over technique, is that he is always available for any questions and always ready to help you. Safety is his mantra and he is constantly checking all the equipment as well as all your performance. Having said all this, he is cool so all the teaching and safety rules go smoothly. Cheers A”

Aaron F.: "After finishing my P2 with Phil, I'm confident in my ability to ground handle, launch safely, and fly actively. I feel safe with my gear on the ground and in the air. That's the most important thing: Phil challenges you to make sure you understand every safety precaution and technique. He'll also spend the time to help you pick the safest, best-performing gear for your size and flying goals. All in all, GMI Paragliding School is the thorough paragliding training I wanted. I'd do it again, no doubt."

Dan R.: “Phil's instruction covers not only the essentials of paragliding, it also made me feel welcomed into a tight-knit community of enthusiasts."

Lev B. "Phil and GMI have become an integral part of my paragliding training. Phil has coached me through my P1/P2 certifications and I can't imagine anyone else in the area doing a better job. Phil's there for all of his students through training and far beyond it, I'm glad to have made the choice to go with him." 

Dave : “I wanted to comment on how professional the GMI Paragliding School is for those wanting to learn how to paraglide. Philippe is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and patient, working with each student to ensure a safe learning experience. From beginners, those wishing to brush up on their skills, or advanced fliers, Philippe customized his approach to learning. Thank you for your passion and dedication to the sport of paragliding”.

Arben B.: “My personal experience with GMI was simply great and still ongoing. Simply said this is a PG school that really cares for the individual to become a great pilot and it shows all along. I came from another school and it was a great difference so it really matters what school one chooses. It's great to have you as a teacher Phil! 

M OConnor. : I have to thank you for teaching me the right way to do things. Looking at these guys, I don’t think they knew what the hell they were doing. Thanks again, Malachy Truly Proud Student

Mocon.: Phil, Rocky Point today and yesterday were a dream come true. I loved every minute of it. It was great being in the air and soaring with you today. I’m glad you got a chance to fly as well. Thanks for everything.

Ben M: Hey Phil, Awesome! Thank you so much for everything. My pg training with you was nothing but the best. Stay in touch! One day I'll soar Rocky Point with you :) hopefully this winter! Best, Ben

Phil’s extraordinary long term experience and professionalism makes him to an excellent trainer for paragliding. His aspiration is that students understands flying in practice and in theory including safety aspects. With his motivating and challenging attitude he drives successfully his passion which is paragliding. He’s plenty of stories/ experience to share which you don’t want to miss in case you’re interested in this kind of sport.... Von M

DB: Thanks Phil, it was the best thing I have ever done in many years. You are a great teacher and a very funny one too! You keep me interested and you pushed me. Cannot ask for more.

Adam W.: Phil is a great instructor / mentor. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get into paragliding! He goes above and beyond from the start, and his experience is really what sets him apart. He knows what he's doing, and he'll be the best resource you'll find. That has certainly been my experience. Thanks for everything Phil! 

Bret.: Philippe is a thoughtful and patient instructor that will help you make informed decisions to mitigate the inherent risk in paragliding. He keeps it fun and light and allows you to learn at your own pace. It's an amazing sport and Phil has a lifetime of experience. Can't recommend GMI enough. 

Daniel M.: Phil is an amazing instructor. He is highly knowledgeable, patient and fun. He focuses on safety, basics and fundamentals. He always says "flying is the easy part, you need to learn how to control the wing". Safety always comes first and we have to make sure everything is connected, helmet is on, speed bar is attached and our laces tied. Training at Rocky Point will prepare us for the mountains and other areas. There is only so much room to launch from and we need to learn how to cliff kite to get back to the launch pad. As Phil's student you'll be able to fly Rocky Point with no issue, where as  P3s from out of town will have a lot of issues launching. I cannot recommend Phil and GMI enough.

Joe M.: "Phil is a very professional paragliding instructor with tons of experience. He teaches you everything needed to know to safely paraglide for years to come. It's been a pleasure to complete his P2 course."

Dimitri K.: Paragliding is a great sport that requires patience and continuing guidance. Phil will teach you what you need to know to start and then will continue monitoring your progress and provide you with tips for improvement. A lot of things are learned from experience, not from the textbook, and Phil can pass that knowledge to you quite well.   

Romano: Hi Philippe,
I really appreciate the instruction you gave today at the South Shore.  I learned to do a cross over inflation, kite the wing up the slope, and launch with brakes uncrossed and do the switch properly with the turn around.  Now I have to work on running faster while in torpedo.

I think you're a great instructor, because you seem to actually like imparting knowledge, and not just going through the motions of teaching.